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Taboo has hit iTunes!
27 October 2014

New Single ‘Taboo’ Is Available Now!

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It’s been quite a journey, but Alanna Cherote has returned to Australia with her first material since her triumphant debut album PAPERFLOWER. ( 2012)


Alanna has stolen the hearts of Canadian music listeners and critics alike, playing Canadian Music Week where her determination to win Canada over paid off. Prominent Radio Host Alan Cross rated catchy single ‘Street Girls’ as Explore Music’s ”Indie Track of The month”. Adding to the affirmation was CBC Radio’s Mark Rheaume, who expressed, “Music reviewers who deal with hundreds of recordings a year know that very few releases offer more than a handful of outstanding tracks.  In defiance of the math, Alanna Cherote’s ‘Paper Flower’ offers one glorious tune after another”.


Her latest offering, powerhouse single ‘TABOO’, was released on Monday 27th October 2014.


  1. 1. Taboo


For Alanna, spreading her wings to the far side of the globe, was where she found her sweet spot, with international performances and song-writing collaborations in Los Angeles, the United Kingdom and Canada. In addition to that, recording with the legendary Canadian singer songwriter Ron SexSmith.


Now on home soil yet again, ‘Taboo’ plans on grabbing the attention of her Aussie fans.


Taboo is the single where she gives her most powerful performance to date. This song is pure fire. With a heavy stroke of Quentin Tarantino inspiration, some Pat Benatar threads, and a serious attitude, this single is set to shock and delight old and new fans alike. 

‘Everything about Alanna’s demeanour illustrates that she is serious when it comes to her craft. With her lionhearted songwriting style, her heavy gaze, striking dark features, and mostly the blazing fire that lives behind her intense, heavily lined, almond-shaped eyes, says it all when your wondering what you can expect to hear. This is the single where she gives her most fearless performance to date.”

Andy Crosbie ( Sparks Music Canada )


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Taboo // Alanna Cherote - Taboo (EP)
  1. Taboo // Alanna Cherote - Taboo (EP)